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11 Places to Buy Cheap Furniture

Reviving the ambiance of your living space through redecoration is a wonderful idea. However, financial constraints can deter some individuals from pursuing this endeavor with new furniture purchases. Thankfully, there are affordable options available, allowing you to proceed with your home redecorating plans without delay.

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture

Below are some places where you can find inexpensive furniture:


One of the most renowned destinations for affordable yet stylish furniture is IKEA. Besides capturing hearts with their Swedish meatballs, this store offers an impressive range of products, from unique home décor to sleek furniture items, all at remarkable prices.

While you'll need to assemble the furniture yourself, it can be a delightful opportunity to discover your hidden engineering talents. Additionally, you can maximize savings by enrolling in their free reward program to enjoy exclusive member benefits.

2. Overstock

If you're in search of an excellent online store offering furniture at budget-friendly prices, look no further than Overstock. With a track record of two decades, this platform has consistently provided high-quality furniture pieces at affordable rates.

Its reputation for trustworthiness ensures peace of mind when making significant furniture purchases online. Moreover, Overstock boasts an extensive selection of home furnishing products, all offered at excellent value and exceptional quality.

Additionally, many US states qualify for free shipping, adding to the allure of this online shopping destination.

3. Target

While IKEA may have a massive following, Target also enjoys widespread popularity on the internet, drawing people in with its appealing merchandise. However, caution is advised against impulse buying, especially when seeking cost-effective furniture options.

Nevertheless, Target offers an array of affordable and delightful furniture and decorations, perfect for elevating the ambiance of any room in your home. Opting to shop online can simplify the process, enabling you to curate matching furniture collections effortlessly.

To enjoy extra discounts, consider obtaining a Target debit card, unlocking additional savings opportunities.

4. Wayfair

True to its name, Wayfair is an online store that offers fair prices for its products, making it a favorite destination for furniture shoppers. Despite the affordable prices, the quality of furniture items available here remains impressive.

With a wide range of products, from furniture pieces to trendy kitchen appliances, all within a budget-friendly range, customers are spoilt for choice. For those seeking a personalized touch, customization options are available, although this may come with an additional cost.

Don't forget to explore the sale section where you might stumble upon fantastic deals on great products.

5. Home Depot

While many associate Home Depot with tools, it's worth noting that this store is also a treasure trove for those seeking inexpensive furniture.

With numerous brick-and-mortar locations spread throughout the US, finding a store nearby is hassle-free – just keep an eye out for the big, recognizable orange sign.

If the offline store doesn't offer a wide enough selection, you'll be delighted to discover even more options on their website. The website allows you to shop for home furnishing products based on color, style, or width, streamlining the shopping experience and catering to your specific preferences.

6. Amazon

When it comes to finding anything on the internet, there's no doubt that Amazon is the ultimate destination. Not only does Amazon excel in offering a vast array of products, but it also provides various affordable furniture options.

The convenience of Amazon's super speedy delivery, especially for Amazon Prime subscribers, adds to the overall shopping experience. Browsing for the best furniture with an appealing design and wallet-friendly prices is a breeze on the website, given the multitude of retailers offering their products on this platform.

7. Big Lots

Big Lots might not be the first place that comes to mind when considering furniture purchases, but it shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you're keen on finding name-brand furniture at incredibly affordable prices.

You'd be surprised to discover full sectional sofas and other furniture items at budget-friendly rates. What's more, Big Lots offers enticing weekly deals, making their already cheap prices even more attractive.

Signing up for their free reward programs unlocks a treasure trove of coupons, further helping you stretch your budget. This store can be your go-to friend when redecorating your home on a tight budget.

8. Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo is another fantastic destination to explore for fun and budget-friendly furniture options. Delight in browsing through their website, where you'll discover charming ottomans that make perfect additions to children's rooms.

While you may come across some playful items, don't be surprised to find modern, luxurious-looking furniture pieces at affordable prices as well. For savvy shoppers, the clearance section is a must-visit, offering great products with enticing extra discounts.

9. Walmart

When it comes to essential furniture and home decoration items, Walmart is a not-to-be-missed destination. With an extensive inventory, Walmart is sure to have just what you're looking for.

Offering furniture items at competitive prices, the shopping experience gets even better with the ability to filter products by brand, style, or room on their website. This convenient feature simplifies the search process, making Walmart a reliable choice for all your furniture needs.

10. AllModern

While AllModern's prices may appear slightly higher compared to other online stores on the list, diving deeper into their website can reveal some fantastic deals.

This online store specializes in providing a wide range of modern and stylish home decorations and furniture options. If you have an affinity for mid-century modern style, exploring AllModern's website is sure to bring you joy and inspiration.

11. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

For those looking to save even more money, consider purchasing secondhand furniture from Habitat for Humanity ReStore. What might be considered unwanted or discarded by one person could turn out to be a treasure for someone else.

Buying secondhand furniture from this outlet not only offers affordable options but also supports your local community, as Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization working towards providing housing solutions for those in need.

While finding the right furniture within your budget might take some time, considering options from this list can significantly ease your search effort and help you discover great deals.